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Where in the world are you!?

I’m often interested to find out where people find out about blogs and where in the world people are from. So, let us know…where in the world are you?!

The internet and specifically social media has allowed us all to communicate together from every remote corner of the planet – Twitter, Facebook, Google+….but it isn’t just limited to the three big ones – sharing information and advice about a common topic too – TripAdvisor is topical since we’re talking about the world, LinkedIn, for business advice and Yahoo answers on a similar scale, largely aimed at individuals…
The world is a cleverer place thanks to all these tools (and so many more…), and we’re all willing to share what we know, with those who want to know. Clever huh!

So if you think that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are ‘social notworking’ tools – think again…there’s a huge array of valuable information at your fingertips, just waiting to meet your eyes.
Come back soon to learn about hashtags, retweeting, status updates and more…


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