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Pinterest – What’s it all about?

Times have changed – for better or worse, technology and specifically social media has become part of all our lives since about 2005. Gradually services such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon have nudged their way into our daily routines and created a bucket of opportunities in our fast-paced and busy lives. Pinterest is no different – its an online pin board for all the things that interest us, in one tidy place…so the question is: “What’s it all about?”

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No longer do we have time to call all of our friends and family to catch up on their news, or to read newspapers, magazines and websites to trawl the content for the latest word on topics that interest us – social media has evolved to do these for us – and it’s no bad thing – we still speak to our nearest and dearest when we can, but we hear more that we would do, with the power of Facebook. On a similar level, the idea behind Pinterest is to provide a convenient way to access all the snippets of interesting information, photographs and other forms of new media by allowing users to create pin boards.

Using Pinterest, means even if we have five minutes whilst put on hold during a phone call, or killing time waiting for a train, we can log in, glance at what’s new – and from the title alone, be able to get the fundamentals from what we see. If we have time, we can of course click on the item to read the article…If we were looking for a similar article in a conventional newspaper, not only do we have to buy it, we then have to skim through it, which is not always easy in a crowded place, or at work…once we have found what we’re looking for, we run out of time!

Whether you’re a technology fanatic, have a wedding to plan, adore animals or just have many broad interests, Pinterest is designed to capture and hold all the strands of news and other articles that are of interest to you. It does this, as the name suggests, by pinning your interests to an interactive pin board. Of course, unlike traditional ones, it updates itself as new information, you’ve elected to read, is available.

When you sign up (which is free, of course), you are given the option to create one or more pin boards – giving them titles to suit what you want to pin to it. You might like to create a board about things related to your job – technology pins for example. It could be that need to collect recipe ideas and so you could call it ‘Yummy things’! You can create as many boards as you like and at any point whilst using Pinterest.

pinterest nwf

pinterest nwf (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

Once you’ve done this, you will be able to follow various people and/or boards – from which you can automatically ‘like’ or ‘repin’ topics to your own boards. If for example, you are following a board about cars and driving, but you have a pin board called ‘classic cars‘ you can pin all related topics to your it and have them in one tidy place to refer back to them – clever eh!

People can follow your boards and pins too, and you can recommend things to your friends, if you see something they might like – and at any point, you can unpin something or of course, stop following a thread if you lose interest in it.

Sometimes, users will find a common ground and want to collate information on a certain topic, together – and you guessed it…Pinterest allows collaboration on pin boards…just invite the person to help collect items, and then… away! If you’re sharing decorating ideas with your husband or wife, you can both collect ideas together – if you have a group of colleagues with a common interest, you can group together and share threads of interest.

The benefit of Pinterest is for individuals and businesses of course. Businesses are constantly encouraged to use tools such as Twitter and Pinterest to put their company on the social media map. A common misconception is “my industry doesn’t use social media – it isn’t applicable to us.” This is wrong, in every case – business have no choice but to embrace social media. Even if your competitors aren’t using it yet – use it as a step to get ahead of them. It does no harm if properly managed, at the very least – its free and will either put you ahead, or in line with competition.

The advantages of Pinterest for business is to freely promote your products or services, to an audience that specifically register their interest. Unlike cold callers, or junk email, Pinterest will reach the people who want to see what you can offer. It broadens your company’s exposure to the open market and keeps your brand name in the forefront of customers’ minds for the future. There are also benefits for your company website performance in search engine results – all search engine algorithms strongly promote the use of social media today. Read our article on search engine optimization to find out more.

So, to conclude the question about Pinterest: It is an interactive pin board, or set of pin boards that each user tailors for their own benefit – it’s fantastic to share with other people and to collect information for a specific occasion. Whether you’re a collector or distributer of information on Pinterest, you need to be involved with it – its clever, convenient, practical, very user-friendly….and of course that word we all love to hear….FREE!

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