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Microsoft Surface…revolutionary?

Last week Microsoft released their own hardware device – the Surface, complete with their brand new version of Windows – Windows 8, also released last week. Until now, Microsoft have relied on 3rd party hardware manufacturers to host their software so what can we expect from Microsoft’s first offering in the tablet market and what … Continue reading

The beginning of a new generation: 4G

After months of speculation, lawsuits and suspense, today sees the release of 4G to our airwaves in 11 UK cities. As well as other areas around the world such as the US and Singapore, 4G is expected to revolutionize a mobile way of life. Network EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere is the first network … Continue reading

Introducing…the iPad Mini

It’s been two-and-a-half years since the original iPad hit our stores and changed the face of mobile computing. The revolutionary iPhone a couple of years earlier was a catalyst in itself to create ‘a big iPhone without the phone part’ and that’s exactly what Apple did. Yesterday they released their new version – the iPad … Continue reading

A huge week for technology

This week sees the launch of several different products from Apple, Microsoft and also Google. Between the three vendors there really is a grand finale of technology to cap off what has been an extrordinary year for the industry. Starting off tonight with the big release of Apple’s iPad mini – the first of its … Continue reading

iOS6 – The good, the bad and the debatable!

You don’t need to be too astute to hear that Apple has released its long-awaited iOS6 – the latest version of it operating system for it mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. It was released yesterday and we were one of the many frantically competing with the Apple servers to be one of … Continue reading

The iPhone 5 is here!

Apple released their latest addition to the iPhone family yesterday – the long-awaited and highly speculated iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S was released a year ago and encompassed a faster processor, Siri and a better screen resolution, so what has the iPhone 5 got to offer? A 16 x 9 aspect ratio which lends itself … Continue reading

What to look for in iPhone and iPad apps

There are 10’s of thousands of apps available to download in Apple’s app-store – some are free, some cost a little and some cost a fortune. Whilst some of these apps are fantastic value for money, some of them are expensive, or in the case where they are free, are not worth the time downloading. … Continue reading

The reality in the battle of Mac vs. Windows

10 years ago, Microsoft were the clear market leaders of the computer operating system community. Almost all offices and individuals would own a computer running Windows. Why? Because there was no alternatives providing a more attractive choice in terms of user interface, style, available applications and market share. Apple has done very well since then, … Continue reading