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Cancel your account? Good luck!

The coming of the cyber-age has brought some fantastic benefits and tools to enhance our lives but using them can often lead to everyday disadvantages such as spam email, forgotten passwords and most important user data retention through online accounts. How many of you can list all the accounts you’ve had to create online to … Continue reading

Pinterest – What’s it all about?

Times have changed – for better or worse, technology and specifically social media has become part of all our lives since about 2005. Gradually services such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon have nudged their way into our daily routines and created a bucket of opportunities in our fast-paced and busy lives. Pinterest is no different … Continue reading

What to look for in iPhone and iPad apps

There are 10’s of thousands of apps available to download in Apple’s app-store – some are free, some cost a little and some cost a fortune. Whilst some of these apps are fantastic value for money, some of them are expensive, or in the case where they are free, are not worth the time downloading. … Continue reading

So what exactly is Twitter?

Twitter…most of us have heard of it….some of us use it….but how many of us actually understand what it is and how it can benefit us? Here, we give a very basic guide to Twitter. Picture it…a technophobe-convert is finally persuaded to buy an iPhone and it doesn’t take long for them to realise that … Continue reading

Where in the world are you!?

I’m often interested to find out where people find out about blogs and where in the world people are from. So, let us know…where in the world are you?! The internet and specifically social media has allowed us all to communicate together from every remote corner of the planet – Twitter, Facebook, Google+….but it isn’t … Continue reading