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A huge week for technology

This week sees the launch of several different products from Apple, Microsoft and also Google. Between the three vendors there really is a grand finale of technology to cap off what has been an extrordinary year for the industry. Starting off tonight with the big release of Apple’s iPad mini – the first of its … Continue reading

Google Analytics – how free, powerful statistics can drive your business

Since the power of the internet has taken over, it’s no surprise that businesses who created their online presence first, stormed ahead of their rivals by making their brand more accessible. Google and indeed other search engines have been an enormous influence in the success of the internet and websites by tailoring their ‘search algorithm‘ … Continue reading

Website optimization for search engines

Building websites and writing articles for the web is becoming a bit of an art form. There are do’s and dont’s written all across the internet with people’s offerings regarding what is good and bad practice for search engine optimization (SEO) and what needs to be done to improve a website’s search result ranking. This … Continue reading

What to look for in iPhone and iPad apps

There are 10’s of thousands of apps available to download in Apple’s app-store – some are free, some cost a little and some cost a fortune. Whilst some of these apps are fantastic value for money, some of them are expensive, or in the case where they are free, are not worth the time downloading. … Continue reading

Internet Browsers – how different are they?

We’re all familiar with the names Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc., but why do people have such strong feelings for or against them and what really are the differences? Read on to find out more… Firstly – what is an internet browser? Put simply, it is a piece of software on your … Continue reading

What makes Google great?

Its no secret that Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Google works to tweak their search results ‘algorithm’ on a daily basis and go that extra mile to produce a better user experience. Without the trimmings, Google is the most reliable directory of websites, available today. This article doesn’t talk … Continue reading

Where in the world are you!?

I’m often interested to find out where people find out about blogs and where in the world people are from. So, let us know…where in the world are you?! The internet and specifically social media has allowed us all to communicate together from every remote corner of the planet – Twitter, Facebook, Google+….but it isn’t … Continue reading