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iOS6 – The good, the bad and the debatable!

You don’t need to be too astute to hear that Apple has released its long-awaited iOS6 – the latest version of it operating system for it mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. It was released yesterday and we were one of the many frantically competing with the Apple servers to be one of … Continue reading

The iPhone 5 is here!

Apple released their latest addition to the iPhone family yesterday – the long-awaited and highly speculated iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S was released a year ago and encompassed a faster processor, Siri and a better screen resolution, so what has the iPhone 5 got to offer? A 16 x 9 aspect ratio which lends itself … Continue reading

The reality in the battle of Mac vs. Windows

10 years ago, Microsoft were the clear market leaders of the computer operating system community. Almost all offices and individuals would own a computer running Windows. Why? Because there was no alternatives providing a more attractive choice in terms of user interface, style, available applications and market share. Apple has done very well since then, … Continue reading