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Outsourced IT Departments – when and why?

Outsourcing is not a new term used in business but often has a stigma attached to it in terms of value for money and professionalism. However, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing various IT aspects of their business – but what is the driving force behind this and what factors are used to … Continue reading

Computer self help – diagnose and repair!

People who are trained in computers or have a natural skill in using them often take it for granted when they know how to fix things after they go wrong – but for the masses, this is daunting and can be very expensive and disruptive when it really need not be. This scenario-based article hopes … Continue reading

What’s the future for internal IT departments?

Technology has played a part in every successful company over the last two decades. It has transformed the way the world can work, through communication links, data transfer and simple software taking on complex tasks. Today, technology doesn’t have to be so dependant on your own resources – the ‘cloud’ and 3rd party applications come … Continue reading

Why IT Support tell you to ‘turn it off and on again’

“Have you turned it off and on again?” Sound familiar? I think there’s been a time where all of us have been asked this question by an IT support representative and the temptation to say “yes” when we haven’t is almost too hard to resist…but why do we get asked to do it, and how … Continue reading