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Microsoft Surface…revolutionary?

Last week Microsoft released their own hardware device – the Surface, complete with their brand new version of Windows – Windows 8, also released last week. Until now, Microsoft have relied on 3rd party hardware manufacturers to host their software so what can we expect from Microsoft’s first offering in the tablet market and what … Continue reading

A huge week for technology

This week sees the launch of several different products from Apple, Microsoft and also Google. Between the three vendors there really is a grand finale of technology to cap off what has been an extrordinary year for the industry. Starting off tonight with the big release of Apple’s iPad mini – the first of its … Continue reading

Windows 8: The widely anticipated new release from Microsoft

Since Windows 7 was released in 2009 the mobile technology industry has changed enormously and companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have had to respond to that. Steered by consumer and business habits, smartphone technoloy has rocketed, followed by tablets when Apple led the way with their iPad a couple of years ago. Microsoft are … Continue reading

The importance of a mobile working environment

Still today, many people wonder what on earth is the point in going that extra mile to create external access to emails and other business systems, buy laptops instead of desktops or encourage employees to have smartphones. The truth is, companies are increasingly likely to gain back much more than they invest when providing a … Continue reading

Intranets…what to use them for and why

Intranets are often overlooked in organisations as a fluffy tool that adds to the job of office administrators and doesn’t play much of a part for an office environment. Studies have shown that companies with an active intranet site increase productivity and employee morale because of its ability to communicate with the masses. Intranets have … Continue reading

IT industry training: Which qualifications do you need?

The entire IT industry is full to bursting with qualifications and training courses. We can’t possibly need them all, but depending on your job role, future aspirations and skill set, there could be some very valuable courses to study and learn from. This article hopes to give some advice about what to study, and why. … Continue reading

A sneak preview of Microsoft Office 2013 – part 2

Following on from part 1 of our Microsoft Office 2013 review, we are going to talk about the distribution and licensing and installation of Office 2013…sound boring? We wouldn’t unusually talk about this but it’s interesting and hugely beneficial for businesses and individuals. Have you dreamed of the day when you work on a shared … Continue reading

A sneak preview of Microsoft Office 2013 – part 1

It seems all the major players in the IT industry are adding their two penceworth with revolutionizing technology – the iPhone 5 and iOS6 from Apple, the new Nokia Windows phone and various offerings from Google and Samsung. One fundamental release expected before the end of the year is Window 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. … Continue reading