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Are laptops and personal devices becoming a tool of the trade?

Up until recently, computers in the workplace have been identified as a business tool to allow employees to perform their job properly – without them, typists couldn’t write up their notes, accountants would still be drawing up hand written spreadsheets without automatic calculation and artists would be hand drawing illustrations. It only seemed reasonable that … Continue reading

Security measures…are you doing enough?

When was the last time you reviewed your IT security? Chances are, not recently enough…Security is utterly paramount in today’s world in the battle against malware, whether you’re a global organisation, a small company or even an individual. Whilst different measures are appropriate in different situations, we all need to take action, be aware and … Continue reading

Cancel your account? Good luck!

The coming of the cyber-age has brought some fantastic benefits and tools to enhance our lives but using them can often lead to everyday disadvantages such as spam email, forgotten passwords and most important user data retention through online accounts. How many of you can list all the accounts you’ve had to create online to … Continue reading

Why all companies need a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy

Before smartphones and tablets began flooding the technology market, information security was a lot easier to manage – employees were assigned a company computer and this had any relevent security and network control software installed on it. Today, we have PDA users wanting to use their devices for company tools such as email. How does … Continue reading

So what actually is “The Cloud” and why is it useful?

“The Cloud” is muttered about on a daily basis throughout the industry nowadays, and most people of heard of it, but who actually knows what it is? We all know it’s something to do with the internet and most of us understand it’s about delivering services to users, but how is it defined and what … Continue reading

Internet Browsers – how different are they?

We’re all familiar with the names Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc., but why do people have such strong feelings for or against them and what really are the differences? Read on to find out more… Firstly – what is an internet browser? Put simply, it is a piece of software on your … Continue reading

Company Email Archiving – what should you do?

Email archiving is always a challenge for IT departments – not only for global corporations but for SMEs too. There is certain legislation, depending on your geographical location, that requires you to keep emails for a certain amount of time. There are often security policies that mean good archiving is important. Firstly, the common perception … Continue reading