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A huge week for technology

This week sees the launch of several different products from Apple, Microsoft and also Google. Between the three vendors there really is a grand finale of technology to cap off what has been an extrordinary year for the industry.

Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon

Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon (Photo credit:

Starting off tonight with the big release of Apple’s iPad mini – the first of its kind from the technology giant, we will be reporting on the action all week. Apple are expected to unveil tonight, a lightweight, slim version of the iPad for those wanting something inbetween the small iPhone and the larger iPad. We’re yet to be convinced on the necessity for three such similar devices, but remain open-minded until we the news breaks evening time tonight, UK time. We won’t be at all suprised to see an half-step up in the iPad generation too – perhaps a 4G iPad will be released tonight?

Also this week, we are waiting the widely speculated Windows 8. The new operating system from Microsoft is its latest offering and contribution towards a unified mobile way of life and business. The tablet form of Windows 8 is highly likely to offer the best business tablet solution available on the market, for businesses. Windows 8 Phone is also due to be released for Nokia, Samsung and HTC handsets which we are very interested to hear about. Whilst Apple and also Android are increasing their market share, its fair to say its still a Windows world out there.

Microsoft have been working hard at other things too. They will also release their latest version of Microsoft Office – Office 2013 which compliments Windows 8 in terms of cloud computing, mobility and tablets. Our review is very comprehensive and we believe the world is about to be very impressed by what Microsoft have to answer.

Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012 in Berlin, introd...

Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012 in Berlin, introducing Galaxy Note II and Window 8 OS Based Devices (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)

Thirdly, Microsoft will release the new version of their server operating system – Server 2012. We will bring you all the information as soon as we have the details, so stay tuned. Its expected to further compliment the two client-side releases too and it’s expected to give us solutions to many of the restrictions experienced in Server 2008.

The Microsoft tablet – the Surface is due for release on Friday too – Microsoft have been busy. It is tipped to be Microsoft’s answer to the iPad and with similar pricing structures for equivelent devices, we are interested to see what it’s all about. We have heard rumours that its unlikely to be 3G capable and will not have the slick screen resolution of the iPad but it will of course appeal to business users who wish to network their devices – something Apple have failed to deliver…so far…

Finally, Google will show the world their offering to the tablet market, in conjunction with Samsung. The Nexus is due to be released on Monday, running the latest version of Android and will most likely be available just in time to fill stockings this christmas.

So watch this space – there’s a lot going on and we will be there to report all the important facts and quash any fiction, for you. Stay tuned…


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